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The average truck accident settlement in Alabama can vary widely based on the specifics of each case, including the severity of injuries, the extent of property damage, and the liability of parties involved. While specific averages are not typically published, commercial truck accident settlements can range from tens of thousands to several million dollars, depending on these factors.

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How Much Are Most Truck Accident Settlements in AL?

Although the average truck accident settlement in Alabama is hard to quantify, most truck accident settlements are commensurate with the damages and injuries caused. Given that commercial trucks typically do more damage than passenger vehicles, settlements can range broadly, but tend to be higher than those for typical car accidents. The exact amount depends heavily on the specifics of the case.

A truck accident attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine a range of compensation you could receive if your case is won. Contact Long & Long Injury Attorneys to get started with a free case review.

How Are Truck Accident Settlements Determined?

Determining a truck accident settlement in Alabama requires you to identify when, what, who, and how.

When Did the Accident Occur?

The date of the accident can affect the settlement, especially as it relates to the statute of limitations. Under Alabama Code § 6-2-38, personal injury claims must be filed within 2 years of the accident date. After 2 years, you will no longer be able to pursue compensation. 

What Caused the Accident?

Determining the cause of the accident is crucial, as it helps establish liability. Some common truck accident causes include driver fatigue, driver intoxication, equipment failure, and violations of safety regulations. The cause of the accident will help your attorney determine who was at fault.

Who Was at Fault?

Alabama follows the contributory negligence rule, which means that if the injured party is found to be even partially at fault, they may be barred from recovering damages. Evidence of fault can disappear quickly after an accident, so the sooner you speak to an attorney, the sooner they will be able to begin investigating and gathering evidence.

How Extensive Were the Damages?

The extent of the damages caused by the accident will have a significant impact on your truck accident settlement. These damages include:

  • Economic damages, such as medical bills, property damage, and loss of income or earning capacity.
  • Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and loss of consortium.
  • Punitive damages are awarded only in cases when the defendant’s behavior was particularly egregious and severely reckless.

How Severe Are Your Injuries?

More severe injuries generally require more intensive medical treatment over a longer period of time. Severe injuries are usually caused by truck accidents that result in major damages. These factors are considered when trying to establish how much your truck accident settlement could be worth.

Truck Accident Settlement FAQs

Q: What is the minimum average semi-truck accident settlement?

A: There is no established minimum; settlements are based on the specifics of each case. It’s best to speak with a truck accident attorney to see if you have a valid case before trying to pursue compensation.

Q: Are commercial truck accident settlements bigger than car accident settlements?

A: Generally, yes. Commercial trucks can cause more significant damage and injuries due to their size and weight, often leading to larger settlements.

Q: Do I need to hire a lawyer to get compensation after a truck accident in Alabama?

A: Although not legally required, hiring a lawyer is advisable due to Alabama’s strict contributory negligence laws and the complexity of truck accident claims. An attorney will be able to guide you through the process and handle the more intricate elements of building a compelling case on your behalf.

Let a Truck Accident Attorney Help You Calculate Your Settlement

While there is no way to accurately show the average settlement for truck accident cases, an attorney can use their knowledge and experience to value your claim based on the results they’ve won for similar cases and the specifics of your accident. Get a free case review with Long & Long Injury Attorneys to see how much your case may be worth.

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