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Earn a Referral Fee on Your Personal Injury & Property Damage Case Referrals

Our referral program provides the opportunity to make a profit while your client gets the help they need in seeking the settlement they deserve.

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If a client asks you for help with their MVA personal injury claim, you could earn 40% of their attorney fee when you refer them to Attorneys Earle and Bennett Long at Long & Long Attorneys at Law. Additionally, referring any other personal injury or property damage-related case can provide you with 33% of the attorney fee. Our experienced personal injury attorneys and property damage lawyers will take care of them like they are family while seeking the maximum amount of compensation possible.

We proudly offer more than the average lawyer referral fee for MVA claims because we believe in our team. With decades of combined experience and millions of dollars in settlements secured for thousands of clients, we’re confident in our ability to win the maximum settlement for anyone who walks through our doors, putting money in your client’s pocket and yours.

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Trust a Family Name

Put your client’s case in the hands of attorneys who care just as much as you do. We are a family-run business that treats our clients like they’re a part of our family.

Earn on Case Referrals

It’s simple. You will earn more on MVA case referrals when you work with us. We offer 40% for all MVA personal injury cases. We also offer 33% for all other personal injury and property damage cases.

Successful Track Record

We’ve been winning personal injury cases for decades and have secured millions for our clients. We’ll go into every detail of your client’s case to ensure we seek the maximum settlement amount possible.

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How It Works

  1. Fill out the form or call us at 251-432-2277 to refer your client to Long & Long.
  2. Our experienced attorneys will get to work on the case, reviewing the in-depth details of your client’s case and ensuring the maximum settlement is sought, while you focus on your own caseload.
  3. Once the case is settled, we will send you a check with your client’s attorney fee.

Whether your client was hurt in an accident or suffered damage to their business or home, our compassionate team will be there for them and help them seek the settlement they deserve, giving you the chance to profit from a case in which you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Referring Your Personal Injury or Property Damage Case to Us is Easy!

Send your personal injury and property damage clients to Long & Long! We’ll treat them like family and seek the maximum settlement amount.

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Why Us

If your client asked you about a personal injury or property damage claim for which they need help pursuing compensation, our family is here for them. Our motto is “family caring for family,” meaning we take care of everyone who walks through our doors as if they were a member of our own family.

Our commitment and dedication to our clients drive us to seek the maximum compensation amount possible, combing through every variable and detail to ensure no penny is left unclaimed. When you work with us, we will be dedicated to maintaining a transparent relationship. You will be kept as informed as you would like to be throughout the case proceedings and be notified immediately after the client accepts their settlement offer.

Don’t wait to work with a family who cares about you and your client. Work with us today.

Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

Wrongful Death

Premises Liability

Hail Damage

Hurricane Damage

Tornado Damage

Fire Damage

Termite Damage

Earn a Referral Fee on Personal Injury & Property Damage Referrals

Our Alabama personal injury lawyers and property damage attorneys will seek the maximum settlement possible for your client referral, allowing you to make 40% of their attorney fee for any MVA personal injury case or 33% for all other personal injury and property damage cases.

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Lawyer Referral FAQs

All you have to do is refer your client to us, and we’ll take care of the rest! Once the client has accepted their settlement offer, we will get your check to you as soon as possible.

It is absolutely ethical to refer your clients to another attorney if you don’t practice the kind of law with which they need assistance. Our team will treat them like family and seek the maximum amount they deserve.

Our experienced attorneys handle most kinds of personal injury cases. As long as they were hurt in an accident that wasn’t their fault, we will most likely be able to help. If you are still unsure if we can help, contact us today for more information. We will also proudly offer every single client an in-depth free case review.

When you refer MVA cases to us, you will get 40% of the attorney fee attached to that settlement. For all other personal injury or property damage-related claims we offer 33% of the attorney fee. Contact us today to work with us!

Your client will have our standard attorney fees included in their contract. This will be reviewed with your client in total and complete transparency during their free case review prior to signing the contract for our services.

We strive for transparency in all of our partnerships and encourage open communication with our referrals. If you want to check in on the status of your client’s case, we are just a phone call away.

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