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There are a variety of reasons why an insurance companies don’t pay claims. It could be that they believe the denial was based in exclusionary language in the policy. Or it could just be their general, deny, delay and defend tactics – we call the three D’s, that we often see insurance companies interacting with their insured’s. And a lot of times that may not be intentional because you gotta remember insurance companies are very large corporations. They have thousands of claims going at the same time. However they don’t see your claim as important as you do. That’s why often times when an insured becomes frustrated with their claim not being paid it’s because of numerous factors. Maybe the adjuster that has been hired by the insurance company has hundreds of other claims and can’t put the time and effort into getting your claim resolved. And/or B – when a insurance company pays a claim it affects their profitability. That is why, in my opinion, it is very important you hire a policy holder attorney and their team of experts to help advocate, streamline, to decrease the time period in which all claims will be paid. I’m attorney Bennett Long with the local law firm of Long & Long. If you have questions about any of the matters we’ve discussed, any case, or any legal matter please call us today for a free consultation. You can reach me in Mobile at our office area code 251-432-4748

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