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As a lawyer one of the areas that I specialize in is being a policy holder attorney. My clients first ask what is a policy holder attorney. Well, it’s a lot of things but to put it in a nutshell it is a attorney who advocates for those who have policies with insurance whether it’s their home, business or loss of income, equipment, contents, whatever it may be. A policy holder attorney advocated for the policy holder and knows what the policy states and is able to present the claim in a light that is most favorable to the policy holder and also to calculate the damage of the claim. Most people don’t realize that an insurance claim under Alabama law is an adversarial process defined by case law. It is a battle of competing objectives. The insurance company wants to pay you the low amount as possible while the policy holder wants to fully recover for their losses. Because in an insurance context premiums paid versus claims paid out determines the profitability of an insurance company. So you gotta remember your back is up against the wall and you’re competing against a very shrewd and well-funded corporation that is worth either millions or billions of dollars is up against you as a policy holder. So policy-holder attorneys take that into effect and know the legal consequences of the policy of insurance, know what deadlines you must present to abide by the policy itself and abide by Alabama law which is very, very important because there are many exclusions that a lot of the times the insurance company will lock you into an exclusion asking for documentation, asking for a statement, little do you know buried in the language of that policy its excluded and that’s the end of your claim. So that is why its very important, whether it’s a minor loss or a major loss, to hire a policy holder attorney. I’m attorney Bennett Long with the local law firm of Long & Long. If you have questions about any of the matters we’ve discussed, any case, or any legal matter please call us today for a free consultation. You can reach me in Mobile at our office area code 251-432-4848

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