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Earle Long:
People, they’re very down when they come to us, generally. It could be something minor. It could be they’ve lost a loved one. It’s gonna affect your personal life. It’s a ripple effect. It goes from just the injury to the whole financial situation.

We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients like friends and family. That’s how we want to be treated.

I was sitting at a red light and I was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The situation was messy and I needed help figuring it out. My best friend recommended the Long Brothers to me. So I gave them a call.

When you’re down like that, those insurance companies are gonna come and try to screw you over. So I tell people, “Hey, you need to grieve or recover from your injury. You let me do all the footwork right now.” We’re the good guys and we make sure the bad guys pay. The bad guys are the insurance company and you’re just a number to them. They could care less what your story is. One thing they don’t want to see is a good lawyer on the other side.

When you walk in, it’s a lovely environment. They speak to you immediately. They’re personal, they know who you are, they know what’s going on. They communicated with me through the entire process and like no question was a dumb question.

My law firm is located in Mobile, Alabama. I grew up in Mobile, and you need a lawyer from there. Let me tell you how important it is. I know all the judges, I know all the other lawyers, and some of these big firms in here come and set up shop there. It’s like McDonald’s or Walmart moving in. They’re not gonna get the same result.

The insurance company offered me their max amount, and the Long Brothers were actually able to get me more than that. So because I was out of work due to my wreck, I was able to get back caught up on my bills with the settlement money and actually have a little bit of a nest egg.

Not only would I recommend the Long Brothers, I already have.

Long & Long’s really proud to have a name of trustworthiness. I consider it an honor when somebody selects me of all the other attorneys they can select and comes to my office. So I make sure they have a good experience.

You know, it’s very important that you have a great lawyer, and we’re great lawyers. My firm’s a great firm. And we’re gonna go out there and get the best result possible with the best lawyers and financial resources you need.

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