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At Long & Long, we like to keep our team members on their toes. A few of our team members have been involved in an office prank war that even startled our managing attorney and founder, Attorney Earle Long! Read the following transcript to learn more about our office prank wars.

Well, actually, we have a folder on our server of videos. I’m usually the video taker, I take all the videos, and Iris usually scares people, and it’s Tammy that we usually scare. She’s the easiest to scare.

Speaker 2:
Poor Tammy.

Well, her reactions are hilarious. She’ll jump like a bunny sometimes. One of the funniest videos that we have, we were in the kitchen and Iris had put some Christmas, I guess, the garland around her head. She was hiding in the closet, and I was in the kitchen with a phone recording her, and another one of our employees went and grabbed her. She’s like, “What? What? I know y’all are hiding?” So she looks behind the door and she’s like, “I know Iris is in there somewhere.” She knew it. It’s like she knew it, but then Iris comes out of the closet and still scares her, and it’s funny. She’s professional, but then when it comes to personal, she’s all about having fun. I think Tammy actually scared Earle one time, going out the back door, she… I think it was by accident. That’s funny.

Speaker 2:
That’s really funny.

We’ll go pretty far for a prank here, but we go even further for our clients. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can trust Long & Long to be sharp and ready for anything. We’ll handle your case for you while you focus on recovering. Call us today for a free case review.

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