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At Long & Long, everyone that walks through our doors, from the attorneys and paralegals, to our clients, is considered part of our family. Read the following transcript to learn how one member of our family, Attorney Trip Smalley, feels about Long & Long and his time with us.

Attorney Trip Smalley:
“My name is Trip Smalley, and I’m an attorney here at Long & Long. I started my practice specializing in civil defense work. I did that for about four or five years, and then switched over to start representing plaintiffs in 2011 and have done that ever since. I like working with Bennett and Earle. They’re good folks to work with. They care about their clients and they care about the people that work with them.

One of the things that we help out with, and one of the things I think makes us different than a lot of folks, is that our first priority is making sure that you’re feeling better. We don’t worry about resolving the claim or moving the claim forward until you’re feeling better. And so, that’s where that “family helping family,” that’s what we do here. When you get into a car wreck or when you are injured, the insurance company is not fighting for you. They are fighting against you, and that is something that most people aren’t aware of. Their job is to pay you as little amount of money as they possibly can.

We are a group of attorneys that are devoted to helping you out. The family atmosphere, that’s not an advertisement. That’s real, and that’s because Bennett and Earle, they care about the folks. We have people that have worked here a long time. We have some people that haven’t, myself included, but from the minute you start working here, you feel that you’re part and parcel of the Long family and that we’re going to fight tooth and nail for every dollar that you’re entitled to.”

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our attorneys, like Trip Smalley, are here to help you and your family seek the justice and compensation you deserve. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

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