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Personal injury law is just that to the Long Brothers — personal. We understand the challenges faced by injury victims, and we know that every client’s circumstances are unique. We believe in an individualized approach with each client and case, so our lawyers will take the time to get to know you and develop an understanding of your individual needs, so we can seek fair compensation on your behalf. Read the transcript below to find out more about why the Long brothers do what they do.

Attorney Bennett Long:
Our name is the name of the law firm, Long & Long, and what you see is what you get. We’re a family run firm, brothers, and it can’t get much deeper than that. The staff at Long & Long is our family too, and that family culture is what sets us apart.

Attorney Earle Long:
We’re not one of these big law firms that you’re just a number. If you walk in the door, we’re going to know who you are. You become part of our family.

Attorney Bennett Long:
When I first graduated from law school, I knew my calling.

Attorney Earle Long:
I want to help people, ordinary people, the hardworking family. I want to help them. Not some big insurance company taking advantage of you, and they need someone that’s going to stand up these big insurance companies.

Attorney Bennett Long:
I wanted to be an attorney that fought ferociously on behalf of my clients, that brought justice to an unequal scenario. It is personal to me. Our clients are our family, our staff is our family. Family caring for family is our motto here at Long & Long.

Speaker 3:
The Long brothers are still working during this crisis. They are set up to help you by phone, email, or text. You never even have to leave your house.

Bennett said it best: family caring for family is our motto. We’re dedicated to helping people who have been injured because of someone else’s recklessness pursue the financial security they need to cope with medical expenses and other damages, and move forward with their lives. Let us help you, too. Contact us today to become part of the Long & Long family.

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