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When you hire our law firm of Long & Long as your policy holder attorneys we work on a contingency fee agreement. What I mean by contingency fee is, our fee is a percent of the recovery that we make on your behalf in if and when we make it. There is no risk to you. Therefore it is in your best interest to hire a policy holder attorney because your chances of recovering what is owed to you are significantly increased with the knowledge, expertise and the thousands of claims that we have have handled to date. I highly encourage you to hire a policy holder attorney and again working on contingency fee agreement is in your best interest. We take the risk along with you and do not bill you by the hour. We’re there to help you through the process and work on an equitable basis with you as our client. I am attorney Bennett Long with the local law firm of Long & Long. If you have questions about any of the matters we’ve discussed, any case, or any legal matter please call us today for a free consultation. You can reach me in Mobile at our office. Area code 251-432-4848

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