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“People often ask me about product liability cases. I’ve seen many cases through my years of practicing law where a company puts profits over people’s safety. They will know they have a defective product out there, and they find out it’s gonna cost more money than they want to spend to do a recall, so they just let some people die. One case that’s profoundly affected me was a three-year-old girl burned to death in her home due to a faulty space heater. The company, which is one of the largest small appliance manufacturers in the world, knew about this problem. Rather than spend the proper money to recall, they did nothing. The girl died in the fire. We were able to go back with our investigators and find a defective heating element that caused the fire, traced it back to the manufacturer, and were able to get a multi-million dollar settlement. During the course of the discovery, we found that many people, often women and small children, had died. This company knew about it, they hid it, and they put profits over people’s safety. That is very common today in corporate America. I’m Attorney Earle Long. Please call me. I’ll personally return your call and personally handle your case. 251-432-4878

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