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When involved in a car accident that wasn’t your fault you may wonder whether or not you need an attorney. The simple answer is yes and let me tell you why. When involved in a car accident the vast majority of the time the person who hit you does not have the assets to go after them individually. Therefore if they have insurance which they hopefully do, you’re making a claim against their insurance company. Their insurance company’s job is to close the claim, pay as little as possible and to move forward. As your attorney our job is completely opposite. Our job is to increase the recovery, for you to recover for your pain and suffering and medical expenses both incurred and future, any lost wages and any other expenses you may face in the future. By hiring an attorney we professionally navigate the claims system in an effort to resolve your claim amicably without the need for litigation and of course if it is necessary we will file a lawsuit on your behalf and recover to the fullest. I’m attorney Bennett Long with the local law firm of Long & Long. If you have questions about any of the matters we’ve discussed, any case, or any legal matter please call us today for a free consultation. You can reach me in Mobile at our office area code 251-432-4748

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